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Welcome to NukeScripts.Net we are running PHP-Nuke Titanium
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:22 pm Reply with quote
Thanks for installing PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0 the Network version of Nuke-Evolution Xtreme. The Evo Xtreme Team has put a lot of hard work into this release to make it the fastest, most functional, and most secure version of PHP-Nuke ever. We encourage you to read through all of the included documentation so you fully understand the power within Evo.

Inside the original archive, you downloaded you will find several folders containing helpful information.

The first is the "Install" folder which we hope you are already familiar with. This folder contains three documents that help you properly install and configure your new Network Portal. If you haven't fully gone through these already please do it now!

The second is the "Help" folder. Inside this folder, you will find some very helpful documents that the EVO team has put together to explain some of the features inside PHP-Nuke Titanium (The network version of Nuke-Evolution). You will also find some documents that will help resolve a few errors you may run into due to browser settings or an improper setup.

The third is the "Theme Edits" folder. If you would like to convert a PHP-Nuke theme to work with PHP-Nuke Titanium or Evo you must follow the provided instructions within this folder.

We trust that PHP-Nuke Titanium / Nuke-Evolution will be the best Nuke software you have ever run. Enjoy and be sure to stop by www.evolution-xtreme.co.uk or hub.86it.us for support, updates, or just to say hi!

If you would like to run a website that is not on our network goto www.evolution-xtreme.co.uk and download the regular Nuke-Evolution Xtreme package as it has no network requirements.

- The 86it Developers Network & The Nuke-Evolution Team

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